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What should be paid attention to when constructing channel steel?

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The key point of the stainless steel channel is the addition of both ends of the network steel.


There is three main taking care of techniques:

1. Use angle steel to make one on the wall and also lock it on the wall with development screws. Then repair it with network steel, or utilize the technique of planting reinforcement. This method is only limited to the place where the two ends of the wall are bearing walls or just where the beam of light passes. Use expansion screws to choose the wall. The range in between the growth screws is not More than 200mm.

2. Punch a hole in the wall initially, after that extend the stainless steel channel right into the wall surface, and also the wall directly births the weight of the stainless steel channel. This method is limited to bearing walls or thicker shear walls. Another technique is to straight put up one more network steel to support the straight network steel. The vertical stainless steel channel ought to be fixed on the wall. This technique must take into consideration the load-bearing capacity of the flooring piece where the vertical network steel lies. It must be distributed at several factors. Type assistance, don't focus the force on a couple of network steels to withstand,

3. The method needs to make use of stainless steel channel as opposed to angle steel like the first approach. It is typically fixed on the two longest sides. If the longest two sides are laid in parallel and there is no set condition, it can likewise be laid with the fastest two sides.


What should be focused on when structuring stainless steel channel?

1. The set factor of the stainless steel channel is fixed. The next thing to be solved is the arrangement of the primary keel. Typically, for the living room, it is suggested to utilize the network steel of 120 × 60 × 6mm or above as the main keel. The main keel must be laid alongside the shortest side with a period of 500mm. The stainless steel channel should be put on the wall, as well as the gap with the wall ought to not exceed 10mm. The stainless steel channel must be completely bonded on the crosspiece. If there is no set condition for laying in parallel with the longest side, it can also be stocked parallel with the longest side.

2. Weld the auxiliary keels between the major keels. The supporting keel can be equilateral angle steel, the requirement is 50x50x4mm or above, the auxiliary keel is completely welded on the major keel, as well as the plane is consistent. And it is flat vertical to the main keel, and the advised setup interval is 300mm. It ought to be thick and also not thin. For security, a small item of angle steel scrap needs to be welded at the reduced part between the complementary keel as well as the main keel to make certain safety and security.

3. Welding barriers or stairways. Railings and stairways can only be bonded to the major keel. And it should be completely welded.

4. After that make use of sandpaper to polish the severely corroded area, and afterward, use anti-rust paint to layer all the stainless steel channel as well as angle steel as soon as or a lot more. After it is dry, apply a layer of enamel paint. The shade of the enamel paint can be openly chosen.

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