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What is the production process of stainless steel angles?

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There is a wide variety of manufacturing approaches for stainless steel networks and also angle bars, covering the need. Which performance to use can be established according to the following differentiation.


Manufacturing approach one: Press brake

Press brake profiles are made from apartments that are mechanically deformed at ambient temperature to the desired shape. This manufacturing technique is also specified as "chilly forming". Extremely usual forms for structural application are channels and stainless steel angles.

There are additionally square and rectangular hollow areas but these are within a group by themselves.


The procedure of press braking

Press braking is a really cost-efficient and quick production method. The typically utilized resources are slit or sheared flats from coil or plate.

The press brake manufacturing approach is defined by bending parts of the level to a certain angle with a strong press. A fin is pushing the flat right into a groove at the position of the bending angle. The opening of the groove defines the span of the stainless steel angles.


Press brake profiles are made of flats that are mechanically warped at an ambient temperature level to the wanted shape. Extremely usual shapes for architectural application are networks and also stainless steel angles.

The press brake manufacturing approach is characterized by flexing components of the flat to a specific angle with a strong press. A fin is pressing the flat into a groove at the position of the flexing angle.


An additional achievement of this manufacturing approach is great tolerances. Press brake stainless steel angles are lighter as a result of rounded corners. In addition to our networks, with the exact same size as a hot rolled or laser bonded area.


Effects of the chilly forming

The rounded corners additionally have an adverse element: as they prevent the addiction near to the corner, the stiffest part of the area, of screws and also nuts, welded fins, or stud-bolts.

One more side effect of the cold forming manufacturing technique is the tensions that are produced within the material. When the cold-formed sections are heated up, the interior tensions are released, and also the area gets seriously flawed shedding straightness as well as being twisted.

Consequently, the press brake production approach is affordable, yet a practically suboptimal service when utilized i.e. by producing pipe shelves or welded supports.


Manufacturing method 2: Warm rolled stainless steel areas

On the other hand, there are warm rolled stainless steel angles and channels. These are readily available in common size of 6 meters as well as generally just in the austenitic stainless steel grades 304 (1.4301/ 1.4307) as well as 316L/Ti (1.4404/ 1.4571).


There is a wide range of sizes, but no specialized are offered.

These areas are annealed and also do have an exterior edge along with an interior radius. Virtually no anxiety release can be observed when welding or machining the sections.

This is the most cost-effective production technique. This product is normally offered from the supply, however, the limits are: bar size only 6 meters or shorter when reducing, just really limited material qualities available, no unique measurements readily available.


Manufacturing approach 3: Laser welded networks and also angles:

One more accomplishment of this production technique is excellent resistance. As are channels, with the same dimension as a hot rolled or laser bonded area.


When the cold-formed sections are heated up, the internal tensions are released and the area gets seriously deformed shedding straightness and being twisted.

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