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What is the processing method of thick plates?

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In actual life, every person will certainly specify the processing of tool and also thick plates with the density of the steel plate being less than 20mm, as well as the density of the steel plate in between 20 as well as 60mm is called the thick plate, and the extra-thick plate describes the steel plate whose density goes beyond 60mm. These will be jointly referred to as medium and also thick plates. Regular medium and hefty plates will be widely utilized in the manufacture of numerous sorts of thick plates such as vessels, low-alloy thick plates, bridge thick plates, shipbuilding thick plates, as well as boiler thick plates.


Due to the fact that thick plates for bridges are specifically utilized for large train bridges, they require to be able to withstand influence, resonance, as well as deterioration resistance. Because shipbuilding thick plates are utilized to make ship hulls, they need high rust resistance as well as additionally have specific requirements in terms of plasticity and also toughness. Thick plates for stress vessels are often used in the production of oil as well as gas transportation as well as devices. This thick plate handling has excellent pressure resistance, plasticity and sturdiness, along with great cold flexing as well as welding buildings.


In the development of the thrust chamber of the liquid rocket engine, the product link, and the manufacturing of the duct, the cutting of large as well as thick plates has actually played an essential duty. Compared to common sheet steel components, the sheet steel parts of aerospace items have the qualities of more varieties, complex forms, high finish, and rigorous resistance needs. Prior to the sheet steel components are developed. The first thing to be resolved is the unraveling and processing of the form of sheet steel parts. The following techniques are generally made use of for cutting vast and thick plates: line drawing milling, line cutting, plasma cutting, oxyacetylene fire cutting, die stamping, high pressure water reducing and also CO2 laser cutting. Each reducing method has its benefits and downsides. The accuracy, rate, and price are all different. It has a specific extent of application in industrial production. Choosing among the most hassle-free as well as extensively versatile handling techniques is the job of encountering the manufacture of sheet steel parts of fluid rocket motors.


In the industry of tool as well as heavy plate cutting, CNC cutting is just one of the typically utilized approaches. When we understand steel plate cutting, we have to likewise recognize the cutting technique accordingly. When using CNC cutting, the reducing parts sometimes appear deformed, so the adhering to procedures need to be taken to regulate:


Firstly, oxygen with enough pureness ought to be utilized. If the oxygen pureness is inadequate, the cut will become rough as well as the reducing quality will be impacted. Secondly, after the cutting of multiple work surfaces is completed, tidy up continuously, so that the contortion can be successfully regulated. Of course, when encountering thin and also slim parts, neighborhood cooling should be accomplished, or according to the size, width and thickness of the cut component, the chilly contraction value compensated beforehand in the shows. Furthermore, the reducing nozzle should be perpendicular to the surface of the steel plate, or else there will be dimensional errors in the reducing parts. When reducing tool as well as thick plates, focus on the components that are prone to contortion should be placed in the middle of the steel plate, and there should suffice distance between the parts. Finally, choose a practical cutting sequence as well as select the right setting of the opening point to avoid deformation of the cutting item.

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