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What is the daily maintenance method of stainless steel bending processing equipment?

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As a used device, stainless-steel flexing devices need to take notice of day-to-day maintenance during typical usage, to ensure that the stainless-steel flexing equipment will certainly not wear away the efficiency of the maker because of the extended use time. Nowadays, many individuals affix terrific value to the day-to-day upkeep of stainless steel flexing equipment, however, they do not know exactly how to preserve it. Here is an intro to the daily upkeep techniques of stainless steel flexing equipment.

Daily maintenance of stainless steel bending processing equipment.

1. Daily upkeep

1) Visually examine the equipment to check whether the pipe fittings, joints and parts are damaged or leaking oil.

2) Visually examine whether the hydraulic oil in the oil storage tank is sufficient as well as the state of the hydraulic oil from the oil requirement

3) Inspect the sound of the maker beginning and functioning

4) Inspect whether the setting of the safety fence is correct

5) After the machine is begun, the functioning condition of the system as well as the problem of the workpiece ought to be inspected

2. Weekly upkeep

1) Tidy the electrical box, computer screen, fan dirt and dirt inside the electric box each week

2) Check the rigidity of parts as well as joints

3) Check the stress reading from the observation point of the system

4) Check the noise and also oil temperature level of the hydraulic pump

5) Inspect whether the transmission tool is damaged, noise, temperature level and also rate conditions

6) Cylindrical tube link: examine the cylinder attaching bolts on the framework

7) Movable beam: examine whether the elastic gasket of the bolt machine where the movable beam is at the piston rod is secured snugly

3. Yearly upkeep

1) Vacant the oil tank and change the hydraulic oil

2) Tidy the inside and outside of the mail box and also look for dirt and impurities

3) Examine as well as replace the low-pressure filter of the high-pressure filter component maker.

4) Inspect all the keys, whether the joints are harmed, worn or leaking, and also change them if needed

5) Examine the combination between the hydraulic pump as well as the electric motor

6) Inspect the filter elements, they require to be replaced after twelve months of use

7) Check whether the piston securing ring of the oil cylindrical tube leakages, as well as re-seal if necessary

8) Inspect whether the electrical wiring terminals in the electric box hang

9) Examine whether the electrical wiring and joints of various electric elements hang

For stainless-steel flexing, the greater the tensile toughness, the smaller sized the prolongation. For that reason, the greater the bending force required, the higher the bending angle. If the yield strength of the stainless steel product is better, the flexible recuperation will certainly be greater. If a 90-degree angle of the bent part can be gotten, the angle needed for the journalism knife must be designed to be smaller sized.

If the stainless-steel plate is processed, the thicker the system dimension, the greater the flexing toughness we require. As the thickness of the stainless steel plate boosts, the flexing strength ought to be better when selecting bending equipment.

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