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What are the production methods of stainless steel square tubes?

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The stainless-steel square tube manufacturing facility is now purely controlling the technological operation procedure throughout the production procedure, so the stainless steel square tube factory is additionally very good in the quality assurance of the pipes, and also can better fulfill the demands of consumers.


1. Cold rolled and also cool attracted creating. Today, the majority of the stainless steel square tube factory production takes on the cool drawing technique. For the stainless steel square tube manufacturing facility with the exact same wall thickness, balanced area and reasonably simple shape, all cool illustrations can be utilized. Given that the creating of the stainless-steel square tube factory is mainly to reduce the wall, in most cases, the drawing approach with mandrel or the multi-roll cool rolling technique is embraced. The cold rolling method can be formed one action at once.


In all chilly drawing forming, short mandrel drawing is one of the most commonly utilized. Although lengthy mandrel drawing is beneficial to development, it is normally not used due to the fact that it needs to be removed after attracting. When the long mandrel is attracted, the removing approach typically takes on the reverse drawing method. In the production of the stainless steel square tube manufacturing facility, the air illustration as well as the expanded diameter illustration are typically not made use of. Sometimes in order to remove the internal groove of the stainless steel square tube manufacturing facility, the size can be broadened and attracted under the problem of the very same shape of the outer circumference of the pipe, that is, only the internal size is enlarged to get rid of the inner groove.


2. Joint forming. The special-shaped and different-walled tube space is acquired by the hot processing technique of the stainless-steel square tube, and then based on 2-3 cold drawing to form as well as boost the surface high quality of the product to produce a big section wall surface density distinction, a small proportion of the thick wall surface component as well as uneven Area of the stainless-steel square tube manufacturing facility. The existing joint production approaches in our country are as adheres to.


① Extrusion-cold illustration is to generate stainless steel square tube billets by extrusion, and then make use of cool drawing to control the sizes and shape of the product and improve the surface area high quality. This method incorporates the benefits of extrusion and also chilly drawing, and also can create all kinds of stainless-steel square tube plants.


② Hot rolling-cold illustration describes the production of particular stainless steel square tube billets by the hot rolling production method of stainless-steel square tubes, and afterwards chilly illustration as well as shaping, in order to use automatic rolling mills to roll double-blade tube billets. The benefit is to get greater efficiency, yet the moving equipment needs to be changed.


③ Warm drawing---- chilly drawing. When drawing some large-section stainless steel square tube plants, because of the restriction of the cool illustration machine capability, each pass can just make use of a percentage of contortion. This not only enhances the number of forming passes, however additionally the contortion cannot penetrate the entire section, increasing the irregular contortion affects the high quality of the item.


Therefore, regarding the current development situation is concerned, the stainless steel square tube embraces the hot illustration approach, that is, the stainless-steel square tube is warmed to the hot working temperature level array, normally 900 ~ 1000 ℃, as well as it is attracted numerous times, which can increase the contortion of the moments and also boost the developing Speed, the very best use of 2-3 chilly drawing to form and also enhance the surface area top quality.

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