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What are the processing methods and effects of special shaped tubes?

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Special shaped tubes are split into general seamless steel pipelines, low-pressure home heating heater smooth steel pipelines, central heating boiler smooth steel pipes, alloy pipes, stainless steel pipes, reduced- and medium-pressure boiler pipes, machined and also made pipelines, thick-walled pipes, as well as cold-drawn core passes away with diameters. Along with various other smooth steel pipes, it likewise includes carbon thick-walled smooth steel pipelines, aluminum alloy thick-walled seamless steel pipes, stainless steel thick-walled seamless steel pipelines, and also special shaped tubes.


Special-shaped steel pipe is a sort of precision-processed seamless steel pipe resources. It has the advantages of no air oxide layer on the surface, no leak under high pressure, high precision, high smoothness, cold drawing without contortion, flaring, as well as flattening without gaps. Special  shaped tubes are selected by extrusion molding processing technique, so everybody understands what is the function of special shaped tubes utilizing extrusion molding? Listed below, I will certainly present it to every person.


Because the surface layer leaves residual compressive anxiety on the surface layer, the mini fractures externally layer are closed to avoid the expansion of deposition, thereby boosting the corrosion resistance of the surface layer and relieving the formation or expansion of fractures. According to the extrusion creating, the surface area layer of the extrusion creating produces a layer of cool working hard underlayer, which reduces the ductility and plastic contortion of the surface layer of the cutting set touching the surface area, consequently improving the wear resistance of the internal dental caries of thespecial-shaped steel pipe to avoid cutting injury caused. After extrusion, the decrease of the surface area roughness worth can enhance the attributes of the special shaped tubes.


Extrusion molding is a sort of non-cutting handling that makes use of plastic deformation of metal materials at space temperature to ravel the exterior economic disproportion of the surface of the item workpiece and after that transform the surface structure, mechanical devices qualities, appearance as well as requirements. Consequently, this sort of method can in addition attain the objective of mold and mildew handling as well as reinforcement.


Extrusion molding handling is a type of working stress spreading processing, which utilizes the chilly plastic contortion features of metal products at room temperature, and utilizes unique tools for extrusion molding to press the surface area of the product workpiece, to make sure that the steel product on the surface of the product workpiece creates plastic deformation as well as fluidity. Complete the preliminary residual reduced notch trough, so as to lower the unevenness of the surface of the product workpiece. Because of the plastic deformation of the extruded surface area metal product, the surface framework is cold-hardened as well as the crystals are narrowed, leading to high-density fibers, as well as an inner tension layer, which raises the toughness and compressive strength, therefore enhancing the surface area layer of the item. Put on resistance, deterioration resistance as well as common compatibility. Extrusion is a plastic contortion handling approach without boring.

The diameter of special shaped tubes can reach 6 mm, the thickness can most likely to 0.25 mm, and the size of thick-walled pipes can get to 5 mm. The wall surface thickness is less than 0.25 mm. The accuracy and surface area high quality is high. Its requirements, as well as length, are restricted.

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