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What are the material characteristics of a thick steel plate?

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Change curve layout :

The shift zone of the thick steel plate plays an important role in the moving procedure and the product use procedure. The curve sizes and shape of the shift area not just identify the total and also neighborhood load-bearing ability of the completed stamping components, yet also impact the marking manufacturing and also die style. At the same time, it is closely pertaining to the control degree of the moving process. As a result, the optimization of the transition area contour for bad density steel plates Layout has important sensible significance.

The selection of the change curve ought to consider lots of aspects such as rolling, marking, as well as customer service conditions. A lengthy shift area with uniform and gentle changes contributes to consistent load-bearing and also stamping. The surface area of the steel plate has practically no trace of density adjustment. TWB plate is difficult to be made use of as the external panel of a vehicle, as well as the enhanced layout of the shift curve of the thick plate gives the opportunity to make the outer plate of the cars and truck because it has no welds, uniform thickness transition, and no defects on the surface. In one more aspect of the TWB board. The change zone with shorter size and radical thickness modification can conserve even more metal. It appropriates for the celebrations where the tons adjustments greatly during the service of the product. The transition area is too short. Rolling and stamping are harder, and thick plates cannot be made use of. Like the sudden change in thickness of the TWB plate, the minimum restriction worth of the change zone length is connected to the roll diameter.


The selection of shift curve length, type as well as criterion design will affect the production, development and also utilize the performance of thick plates, as well as the following research study requires to be performed.

a. Under the problems of specific roll size, decrease speed and also straight speed, the limit worth of the shortest shift zone is formed.

b. Under the identified service problems and also marking problems of the ended-up item, the maximized layout of the type and also size of the change zone.

c. The rolling technique to acquire different change curves as well as the modification legislation of the reduction speed and the straight rate matching.


Material qualities :

1. Rolled thick plates transcend to laser tailor-welded plates in terms of connection top quality, surface problem, efficiency uniformity and also manufacturing cost. They can be used as weight-reducing materials for automobile plates of the same material, equivalent size, and also variable thickness, as well as have excellent application potential customers.

2. Cyclic variable thickness rolling is an efficient technique for producing thick plates with high performance and inexpensive. Northeastern College has rolled thick plate samples with a thickness proportion of 1:2 on an experimental rolling mill. Examinations have actually revealed that its creating performance is good., And initially grasped the core modern technology of rolling thick plates.

3. The appearance of rolled thick plates provides developers with a new product for decreasing the weight of autos. The large use thick plates in new designs will obtain the most effective results in saving products, reducing lorry weight, and minimizing gas consumption. This requires car designers to work very closely with thick plate designers and manufacturing plants to collectively promote.

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