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Want to know how stainless steel pipes are used?

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Connection method

There are several methods to attach stainless steel pipes. Usual types of pipe installations include compression, compression, articulation, push-in, push-thread, outlet welding, articulated flange link, welding as well as welding and standard connections.

Compression connection steps

1. Busted pipe: Cut the pipe according to the needed length. When the pipe is broken, do not use extreme pressure to stop the pipeline from being out of round.

2. Elimination of burrs: After the pipe is reduced, the burrs ought to be removed to stay clear of cutting the sealing ring.

3. Scribe noting: In order to make the steel pipeline completely put into the pipeline suitable socket, the insertion size should be significant and also made use of the pipe end.

4. Assembly: The sealing ring must be properly installed in the U-shaped groove of the pipe fitting, insert the pipe into the pipeline suitable outlet, and await kinking.

5. Crimping: When kinking, the convex part of the pipeline is positioned in the concave groove of the mold, and the jaws are kept vertical to the axis of the pipe.

6. Inspection: After the crimping is finished, utilize a special scale to check the crimping dimension.


Usual kinds of pipeline installations consist of compression, compression, expression, push-in, push-thread, socket welding, expressed flange link, welding and welding and also typical connections. Broken pipe: Cut the pipeline according to the called for length. When the pipeline is broken, do not utilize too much pressure to stop the pipe from being out of round.


Application demands

automobile market

Stainless-steel is mostly used in the exhaust system, which represents more than 1/2 of the overall amount of auto stainless-steel, and also 80% is ferritic stainless-steel. The exhaust gas generated by the auto engine lastly drains of the muffler via the exhaust gas consumption pipe, front pipe, pipe, converter, and also facility pipe. Generally made use of steel qualities for exhaust systems are 409L, 436L, etc. Car mufflers primarily utilize stainless-steel welded pipes. According to calculations, stainless steel pipes used in cars account for about 1.5% of the whole downstream consumption of stainless steel pipes, and the usage proportion of stainless steel pipes and also welded pipelines has to do with 2:1.

The petrochemical sector includes the fertilizer market

There is a big demand for stainless steel pipes. The market mainly uses stainless steel pipes.

Stainless steel pipes as well as their water shipment tools are one of the most sophisticated fundamental water filtration materials worldwide today. They have solid anti-corrosion efficiency. Cast iron pipes, carbon steel pipes, plastic pipelines, and so on cannot be compared with them.

The very best choice for water market such as water preparation, storage space, transportation, purification, regrowth, as well as desalination. The annual need is about 25,000 loads.

Tools manufacturing and upkeep

The yearly usage of stainless steel pipe is even more than 20,000 tons. The sanitary pipemade of imported SUS304 as well as 316L can fulfill the unique demands of numerous media in the food as well as biopharmaceutical areas.


The exhaust gas created by the car engine lastly moves out of the muffler via the exhaust gas intake pipeline, front pipe, tube, converter, as well as facility pipeline. According to calculations, stainless steel pipes utilized in automobiles account for around 1.5% of the entire downstream intake of stainless steel pipes, and the use proportion of stainless steel pipes and also welded pipes is regarding 2:1.

The industry mostly makes use of stainless steel pipes. Cast iron pipelines, carbon steel pipes, plastic pipes, etc. cannot be contrasted with them.

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