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The cutting of medium plates must be carefully selected

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The reducing rate of the steel plate represents the burning speed of the steel in oxygen. In the manufacturing, the reducing rate is readjusted according to the performance criteria of the cutting nozzle made use of, the kind as well as purity of the gas, as well as the material and also density of the steel plate. The cutting speed directly impacts the stability of the cutting process and also the high quality of the cut area. It is not possible to increase the reducing speed to improve manufacturing performance, since reducing the reducing speed to enhance the quality of the cut section can just make the high quality of the cut section even worse.

Due to the high precision needed for the handling of tools and also medium plates, higher requirements are advanced for processing suppliers. Usually, the drivers of the tool as well as medium plate processing are required to have more powerful technological capabilities.


The adhering to factors must be performed in the cutting of tool as well as medium plates:


1. Inspect whether the job website satisfies the safety demands, whether the cutting lantern, oxygen cylindrical tube, acetylene cylinder (or acetylene generator and toughening up preventer) rubber tube, stress gauge, etc. are regular, as well as attach the gas cutting devices according to the operating procedures.

2. Prior to cutting, initial degree up the work surface and leave a particular void under the workpiece to help with the blowing of iron oxide slag. When cutting, in order to avoid the operator from being melted by the sprinkled iron oxide slag, a baffle can be contributed to cover if needed.

3. Inspect the wind line, the approach is to ignite the flame and also change the preheating flame properly. After that open up the cutting oxygen valve and observe the form of the cutting oxygen circulation (wind cord). The wind wire ought to be a straight, clear cylinder and have a proper size. Only in this way can the cut surface of the work surface be smooth and also tidy, with the exact same size and size. If the wind line is irregular, all valves should be shut, as well as the inner surface area of the reducing nozzle needs to be cut with a needle or other tools to make it smooth.


After cutting the free side of the tool and also the medium plate, why should it be fined sand?

The free side of the tool and also the thick plate is cut by the steel plate. Grinding is mostly to prepare for the following step of processing or direct usage, and also to make the external surface of the steel plate have great appearances. If it is welding as well as sprucing up, it is to remove oxide range and also burrs to make certain welding top quality.


With the continual advancement of the moments, individuals deserted earth structures and developed tall structures constructed from enhanced concrete. The duty of steel has actually come to be increasingly apparent. Along with housing buildings, using steel can be seen all over, so you should choose a business very carefully for medium plate cutting, especially for the tool as well as thick plate cutting with high accuracy.


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