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The correct way to cut medium plates

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When cutting tools as well as medium plates, in order to make sure the honesty of the cut part, the beginning point of reducing cannot be on the contour line of the component. For the external contour of the component, it should be reduced outside the shape of the part; for the inner shape of the part, it ought to be on the contour of the part. Internal cutting, we specifically call the cut-in line and also the lead-in line from the reducing begin point as well as the reducing end point to the component rundown. For medium plates with a thickness of more than 60mm, the fire reducing preheating time of the preparation center is greater than 120s. Straight puncturing the steel plate will certainly reduce the life of the cutting nozzle, as well as the puncturing slag, is also easy to splash on the reducing nozzle, and also the control is not in place as well as might also influence the item. Cutting top quality. Consequently, when typesetting is possible, try to cut from the edge of the medium plates. Cutting from the side can essentially avoid the above issues, as well as the skill demands of the operator will certainly be lower. Yet this creates an additional issue. Due to the straight-line cutting from the side of the steel plate, the steel plate is split because of thermal deformation, and the cut dimension of the parts is prone to out of tolerance.


Consequently, after many experiments, we can still utilize the loaning setting of cutting from the side of the medium plates, and at the same time attempt to prevent the problems of the steel plate is heated and also warped, which creates the cutting size to be out of resistance, we adopt the approach of twisting and presenting the cord cutting. This cutting method is to puncture zigzags, to ensure that the continuing to be the product of the steel plate can create pliers for every other, thereby limiting the contortion of the steel plate. Figure 2 reveals one of the zigzag intro techniques. Zigzag lead cord cutting has actually been used in the fire cutting of thick plates in the prep work facility, and has attained great functional results.


The adhering to approaches can be utilized to stay clear of defects in the cutting of thick steel plates:

1. Usage round arc feed to increase the lead-in length as well as prevent direct cut-in factors. This technique has a good impact and is extensively made use of in manufacturing. Its downside is that it loses products.

2. Use ignition rods. The method is to include a piece of steel plate near the density of the steel plate at the cut-in factor. There ought to be no void at the close placement. The cutting knife must be cut from the ignition pole. The ignition rod will direct the reducing moment flame to the bottom of the steel plate, so that the upper and lower burning speed of the medium plates can get to Constant, obtain the best cutting area surface area. The ignition pole can be replaced with cut off scraps. This approach reduces the range in between the workpiece as well as the side of the board, lowers the generation of remaining products, and also efficiently enhances the use rate of the board. Pilot rods are much more functional in cutting extra-thick medium plates.

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