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Stainless steel sections for solar power

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Stainless steel sections create the basis of constructional as well as production jobs. While the majority of structural steel members are hot rolled, smaller and also extra precise sections may be cool drawn or machined.


Custom-made T-sections are needed

We generated two different special T-sections in stainless steel on custom design for the building and construction of frames for heating system doors of coke stoves.

According to the customer's request, we supplied benches in different lengths from four meters to approximately 6 meters.

The picked material was the heat ideal stainless steel quality 1.4541 (SS 321) with a high degree of security homes against intergranular deterioration.


Obstacles of the production

Especially challenging was the size-thickness ratio of the web. The specifically high internet (64 millimeters and 124 millimeters) factor to consider of the very thin material thickness of 3 millimeters(!!) lead to a genuine challenging item also when making use of the incredibly distortion-poor laser welding modern technology.

Likewise, a flat bar (20 x 6 millimeters) was laser welded onto the web. Its placing was requested with a really stringent tolerance.

This item is perfect for laser welding technology, as the warmth input for welding, this unique section is really little compared to the warm input of conventional welding that generates huge distortions.


Outstanding results

The outcome is a very straight bar, as both straightness and angularity are concerned. Hence only little straightening activity is needed after welding.

The flange had been formerly machined to a tapered shape on one side.

The bars were supplied raw, without pickling, as the client was going to do final pickling after the putting together of the whole frame, which required extra welding.


What makes Stainless-steel selection such a Great Option for Solar Applications?

These new sorts of concentrated solar power plants become more widely used. As a result of this, stainless-steel is confirming to be the best material to come with these state-of-the-art jobs. The all-natural properties of stainless-steel make them excellent for a variety of applications around the nuclear power plant, properties such as:


Corrosion-resistant: Stainless steel does not corrosion. Sand, moisture, and also the corrosion that comes with them make stainless steel a wonderful selection for dealings with the heliostats outside.

Able to stand up to extremes of temperature level: The material for storage containers needs to stand up to temperatures in excess of 500 levels Celsius. Beyond, the anchoring bolts for the external revolving mirror panels need to deal with ice-cold temperature levels in the desert overnight. Stainless steel is the best service for this, as it will not warp, break or thaw in severe temperature levels.

Naturally hygienic: Unlike a few other sheets of steel, stainless steel is immune to abrasion as well as to developing cracks over its life expectancy. Fractures, chips, and dents can harbor bacteria, which can begin to present a carcinogen. In solar energy plants, the liquified salt blend will certainly not end up being infected thanks to the durable buildings of stainless steel.

Lengthy life expectancy: Stainless steel is developed to last a lifetime. The majority of concentrated solar power plants are developed to last around thirty years or so. Stainless steel will certainly probably outlive the power plant itself, making it a wonderful choice for these kinds of applications.


Stainless steel for Solar energy Plant Kingdoms in Practice

Thanks to its distinct homes, stainless steel is truly the only option for lots of applications around the solar power plant. Currently, we are seeing several examples in practice using stainless steel in these projects.

Our company also has many products about stainless steel square tube and stainless steel thick plate, welcome to consult!

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