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Method for replacing the cutter of stainless steel shearing processing equipment

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If the stainless steel shears processing devices are used for a long period of time, the cutter will progressively become blunt, which will certainly affect the shearing effect. For that reason, when we discover that the efficiency of stainless-steel shearing tools is becoming worse as well as worse, we must change the cutter in time. Due to the fact that the installation of the cutter of stainless-steel processing devices is more difficult, we need to initially recognize the specific substitute technique, and then replace it to prevent damage to itself or the equipment.

How to change the reducing knife of stainless steel shearing equipment:

1. Prep work

Prior to replacing the cutter, the movable beam has to rise to the top dead center, the cutting angle is set to the first equipment placement, the cutter void is positioned at the maximum position, the rear stop scale is opened to the farthest stroke, the compression cylindrical tube valve is closed, as well as the power supply is turned off.

2. Get rid of the knife

Eliminate the square steel cover plate of the reduced knife of the safety fencing on the work surface area to expose the lower knife attaching bolts. Eliminate all the fastening screws on the square steel of the lower blade except one on each side. Loosen the screws on both sides by 3-4 pitches as well as press the reduced knife in an outward direction. The operator fulfills and reduces the reduced part of the movable light beam at the rear of the machine tool. Knife, loosen all the screws, and after that very carefully eliminate the cutter. It is additionally feasible to put a space modification paddle or a comparable size iron pole right into the threaded openings on both sides of the cutter. After loosening up all the bolts, the operator will obtain the cutter.

3. Eliminate the upper knife

The procedure for getting rid of the top blade coincides with that of the reduced blade. Except for the left and ideal sides of the bolts for mounting the upper blade on the movable light beam, all the other bolts are gotten rid of. After loosening up the 3-4 pitches on both sides, the top blade is pushed out. The operator and the reduced part of the movable beam of light at the rear of the maker tool hold the cutter by hand. Nevertheless, the screws are loosened, the cutter is thoroughly secured.

4. Install the cutter

The actions of installing the cutter are just the reverse of removing it, that is, mount the cutter initially, and afterwards install the cutter. Make certain to take notice of safety and security throughout the installation procedure. Before mounting the cutter, the cutter as well as the top and lower positioning surfaces of the maker should be cleaned strictly. Prior to tightening the attaching screws, it is required to make sure that the placing surface of the island device remains in the correct setting.

Keep in mind: For installment consideration, the power supply needs to be cut off when replacing the cutter, and also the replacement needs to be done by two individuals at the same time. In addition, the driver has to wear protective handwear covers to avoid being cut throughout the substitute procedure.

The above web content is the approach of changing the cutting blade of the stainless steel shearing processing equipment. Since the thing is relatively big and extremely sharp, you should beware when replacing it.

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