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Materials that impact the corrosion resistance of stainless steel square pipes

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The distinction in the material of the stainless steel square pipe will affect its qualities, and also the anti-corrosion homes of the pipe fittings with bad materials are likewise not good. The whole procedure of the corrosion of the stainless steel plate is based upon the natural chemistry or natural chemistry created on the web page of natural ecological materials and pipeline fittings. The whole process of electrochemical corrosion, so the material deterioration of the stainless steel square tube must have an impact on the deterioration deepness. Allow's consider the influence of the material on the corrosion.


1. The top quality of the smelter of the raw product of the stainless-steel square tube: the key is the natural chemical make-up of the raw material of the seamless steel tube, the mixing of non-metallic materials, the shrinkage porosity, shrinking porosity, welding tumor and various other problems throughout pouring and the entire process of cooling down There may be imperfections such as small white places.

2. The secret to the top quality of its production and also processing is that it is likely to cause intergranular air oxidation (coarse crystals), growth and also contraction during the whole process of warming the stainless steel square tube during chilly rolling, creating, and extrusion molding. Compound scales, hierarchical, strip-like structure, super-temperature and also unevenness of the structure as well as various other shortcomings, as well as the microcracks that might be triggered by fast air conditioning.

3. Poor warmth therapy process or CNC flame cutting of stainless-steel square tube. The key is that the heat therapy procedure is likely to trigger over-temperature or over-burning during the whole procedure of heating, and the crystal thick, carburizing, carburizing, and quenching triggered by exceedingly high temperature. Cracking, satiating ductility, not quenching promptly after warmth treatment, unsuitability of micro-gauge system as well as its pain sensitization solution, and so on, there are likewise warm treatment components such as inadequate CNC flame cutting.


Since the different products have different results on the manufacturing and also processing of stainless-steel square pipelines, the anti-corrosion result produced during the application is various. The pipeline fittings are basically good, so they are also all-natural in subsequent applications. The characteristics of different pipe installations under the environment are highlighted, and it can decrease the price of disintegration.


Treatment countermeasures for corrosion of stainless steel square tubes

1. Use suitable tools: When cleaning up stainless steel pipelines, please be careful and also make use of non-grinding devices. Slim fabric as well as plastic wet tissue paper are difficult to damage the surface area of the stainless-steel tube. Normally, you can likewise utilize stainless steel square tubes steel spheres, yet make sure to perform scrubbing according to the manufacturer's brightening logo.

2. Cleansing the grinding line of the orientation: some stainless steel square tubes have "structures" externally of the grinding line. If there is a sand source, make certain to scrub parallel as the sand source. If the appearance is not clear, please take care and scrub with a thin towel or plastic pad.

3. Alkaline, chlor-alkali chemical or bleach-free detergents: Several typical cleaning agents have lightening fluid. Nowadays, a large number of bleach-free detergents are created in this field. If they tell you that the detergent you use has bleach, please discover if they have other options. They probably have a detergent without bleach. Normally, prevent making use of cleaning agents with chlorine salts. This is most likely to trigger pits or rust.

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