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Introduction of 400 Series Stainless Steel Mature Application Fields

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Cold rolled 400 series stainless steel plate:

Automobile exhaust system (35% in the US, 40% in the EU, 100% in Japan), high temperature section above 600 ℃, considering thermal fatigue, used for exhaust straight pipe (409L, 436L, 444). Low temperature section below 600 ℃, used for front muffler, tail tube, catalyst, etc. (439,441,429); home appliance industry: microwave oven liner (430), washing machine inner barrel (430,439,430J1), LCD display frame (409L), de-oiling fume Machine (430,439); hardware industry: tableware, kitchen sinks, soup utensils, composite pot bottoms (430), heat-resistant appliances (409L, 444); solar water heaters for gas appliances (444); decoration materials industry: balcony railings (439) Elevator doors (439,440); construction industry: roofing materials (445,446M), combined water tanks, pools (444); refrigerated container shells (409L, 430), coinage, etc. At present, the hospital has also begun to use 430 steel to make dissection tables and disinfection tanks.

Hot rolled 400 series stainless steel coil plate:

Railway freight cars, steam turbine blades, metallurgical equipment and tableware, manufacturing industry knives and forks, tool knives, high-strength martensitic stainless steel are used for thermal power generation accessories, etc., ferrite stainless steel grade 444 can also be used for metal magnesium metallurgical furnaces and machined parts.

400 series wire:

Electrical shafts, standard parts, wire drawing, welding wire, special-shaped table knives, forks, spoons, stainless steel cleaning balls, screens, etc.

400 series welded pipe:

Automobile exhaust pipe, oil pipe, casing, fittings, etc.

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