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How to smelt stainless steel square tubes?

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Whether it is a stainless steel square pipeline or a rounded steel pipe, they are all manufactured by the smelter. Just how much do you learn about the raw materials for the stainless steel plate of the smelter? Only great basic materials for ironmaking can make good items out of the smelter. Generally, everybody will certainly think Ironmaking is a new sort of product that melts as well as integrates different metal composite materials. In fact, it is not. Various neutralizers must be contributed to boosting the efficiency index of steel, so as to aid every person in a stronger grasp. Next, let's present the raw products and ingredients to everybody.

1. Recarburizer

The raw material used to raise the carbon in the stainless-steel square tube in the smelter is called the recarburizer. The usual ones are electrical quality block, coke powder as well as cast iron.

2. Back to steel:

Back to steel describes the steel spreading as well as excess, all-time low of the ladle, and also the cutting heads, tails, as well as cold-rolled scraps of the steel rolling manufacturing workshop that have been compensated because of the composition or other factors.

3. Scrap metal:

Scrap metal is the essential metal composite product for refining stainless-steel square tubes. The applied scrap metal has the adhering to guidelines:

(1) It is specified that there is less corrosion, as well as the rust, has metal oxides and water, which will liquify in the whole process of being warmed to enhance the oxygen web content in the steel. Furthermore, it is hard to control the elements.

(2)  Scrap steel must not have fine sand and also oil discolorations. Fine sand improves the silicon dioxide and also aluminum oxide content of the completed steel 316L stainless steel square tube, as well as oil stains boost the hydrogen content of the steel.

(3)  Scrap steel cannot be stitched with rare-earth element. Rare metals will certainly damage the physical residential properties of steel as well as decrease the life of the home heating heater.

(4)  The structure of non-metallic product deposits need to not be too expensive, otherwise it will raise the smelting time and lower the top quality of the ended up steel.

(5)  The size of the scrap steel must appropriate. The scrap steel that is as well large is more difficult to thaw, and also the scrap steel that is as well little is extremely susceptible to air oxidation and enhance the discharge time.


4. Slagging raw materials and reducing representative:

The essential raw materials for slagging are lime powder, fluorite as well as clay blocks, and so on; lowering representatives consist of copper ore, iron oxide range, as well as CARBON DIOXIDE. For slagging basic materials, it is called for to freeze-dry prior to application to remove water.


5. Non-ferrous steels:

( 1) The aluminum alloy component has a high make-up, which minimizes the consumption of warm generation throughout melting. This is crucial in the case of high-alloy steel stainless steel square pipes in smelters.

( 2) The lumpiness of non-ferrous steels appropriates. If lumpiness is expensive, it will boost the melting time. If lumpiness is also little, it will quickly drift on the surface, which will boost the burning damages and also reduce the usage rate of aluminum alloy.

( 3) Alloy products must not be blended with coal ash and also other non-metallic materials, as well as the parts of sulfur, phosphorus as well as vapor should be low.

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