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How much do you know about Stainless steel pipes?

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Stainless steel pipe appears frequently in our daily lives, but how much do you know about it? Below we will introduce some basic knowledge about stainless steel pipe.



Stainless steel pipes are separated into normal carbon steel pipelines, top notch carbon architectural steel pipes, alloy structural pipelines, alloy steel pipelines, bearing steel pipelines, stainless steel pipes, and also bimetal composite pipelines, layering and also covering pipelines to save precious metals and fulfill unique demands. There are numerous kinds of stainless steel pipes, their usages are various, their technical requirements are various, and also their production methods are additionally various.


methods to create

Stainless-steel pipes are split into smooth pipelines as well as bonded pipes according to the production technique. Smooth steel pipes can be separated into hot-rolled pipelines, cold-rolled pipelines, cold-drawn pipelines and also extruded pipelines. Cold-drawn and also cold-rolled are the second kinds of steel pipes. Handling; the welded pipeline is divided into the straight joint bonded pipe as well as the spiral bonded pipeline.


Area shape

Stainless steel pipes can be separated right into rounded pipelines and also special-shaped pipes according to the cross-sectional shape Special-shaped tubes include rectangle-shaped tubes, rhombus tubes, oblong tubes, hexagonal tubes, octagonal tubes, as well as different unbalanced cross-section tubes. Special-shaped tubes are widely used in various architectural parts, devices as well as mechanical components. Compared to round pipelines, special-shaped pipes usually have bigger moments of inertia and also section modulus, and have higher resistance to flexing and torsion, which can greatly reduce structural weight and also save steel.

Stainless steel pipes can be divided into equal-section pipes and variable-section pipelines according to the shape of the longitudinal section. Variable section tubes include tapered tubes, stepped tubes and also periodic area tubes.

Tube end form.


Stainless steel pipelines can be divided right into smooth pipes as well as threaded pipes (threaded steel pipes) according to the state of the pipeline ends. The threaded pipe can be split into normal threaded pipeline (pipes for conveying water, gas and also various other reduced stress, which are connected by regular cylindrical or tapered pipes) as well as unique threaded pipelines (pipes for oil and also geological drilling. For crucial threaded pipelines, make use of Special thread connection). For some unique pipelines, in order to make up for the impact of the string on the strength of the pipe end, the pipe end is usually thickened (interior thickening, external thickening or internal and also outside thickening) prior to turning the cable.



Surface area resistance is less than 1000 trillion; wear-resistant security; retractable; excellent chemical resistance; great resistance to alkali steels as well as acids; solid sturdiness; fire retardant.


The production procedure of stainless steel pipe:

a. Round steel preparation;

b. home heating;

c. Hot-rolled piercing;

d. Cut head

e. Pickling

f. Grinding

g. lubricating;

h. Cold rolling

i. Degreasing

j. Service warmth therapy;

k. Straighten

l. Cut tube

m. Pickling

n. Product screening.


Usage category

According to the purpose, it can be split right into oil well pipelines (housing, tubes and also drill pipelines, and so on), line pipelines, central heating boiler pipelines, mechanical framework pipes, hydraulic prop pipes, gas cylinder pipelines, geological pipelines, chemical pipes (high pressure plant food pipelines, petroleum cracking pipelines, etc.) And ship pipelines.

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