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How is the stainless steel square tube heat treated?

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The warm treatment procedure of stainless steel square tube

Annealing is to heat the stainless-steel square tube to a proper temperature level, make use of different holding time according to the product as well as workpiece size, and then gradually cool it, the purpose is to make the interior framework of the steel reach or near the equilibrium state, and also obtain excellent procedure performance and usage performance, or Further quenching for organization preparation.

Normalizing is to heat the stainless steel square tube to a suitable temperature and afterward cool it in the air. The effect of normalizing resembles annealing, except that the resulting framework is finer. It is often used to improve the cutting efficiency of materials, as well as in some cases it is utilized for some reduced requirements. The components are treated as warm treatment.

Appeasing is to heat and also warmth the stainless-steel square tube, and then promptly cool it in a quenching tool such as water, oil or other inorganic salts, organic liquid options. After appeasing, the stainless-steel square tube comes to be hard, yet at the same time, it becomes fragile.

In order to lower the brittleness of the stainless steel square tube, the satiated stainless steel square tube is maintained at a proper temperature higher than area temperature yet lower than 650 ℃ for a long time and then cooled. This procedure is called solidifying.

Annealing, normalizing, quenching, as well as toughening up are the "four fires" in the overall warmth treatment. Relieving as well as solidifying are carefully relevant, as well as they are commonly made use of along with one another.

The "Four Discharges" have actually evolved different warm treatment procedures with different heating temperatures and cooling down techniques. In order to acquire specific stamina and also durability, the procedure of integrating quenching and also high-temperature tempering is called relieving as well as solidifying. After some alloys are satiated to form a supersaturated solid option, they are put at area temperature or a slightly higher temperature for a longer period of time to boost the firmness, stamina, or electrical magnetism of the alloy. Such a warmth therapy procedure is called aging therapy.


The stainless steel square tube sustaining pressure reducer has a multi-sound card rack as well as an extruder that can keep the hollow rolling system. When it comes to utilizing this type of equipment as well as equipment to generate as well as refine the pipeline installations, the pipeline installations will certainly be minimized as well as extended. Supporting force, to make sure that you can utilize its assistance pressure to maintain the effect of lowering the wall surface, leading to a lot of convenience for the maker's production. Therefore, this kind of support minimizing device is still fairly easy to use. Next off, I will present the tension for everyone carefully :

1. It can expand the kinds, requirements, as well as designs of stainless steel square pipelines, lowering the wall by 2045%, and decreasing the diameter according to the supporting force, can right away generate and make stainless-steel square pipes;

2, the broadening index of supporting force decrease is 6-9, so it can produce seamless steel pipelines up to 165m;

3. It can minimize the overall variety of labor tools on the front side of the stainless steel square tube (damaged openings as well as tube rolling), and also enhance the job rate of the generator collection, because of the decrease of the requirements and designs of the completed rolling tube and also the waste tube, the special tools, extra components and substitute time Significantly minimized, more secure production and also production, consequently enhancing the functioning time of the generator set.

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