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Cold drawn or machined stainless steel sections

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Stainless steel sections form the basis of constructional and manufacturing projects. While the majority of structural steel members are hot rolled, smaller and more precise sections may be cold drawn or machined.


Cold drawn steel: speed and accuracy

Cold drawn or machined sections offer a huge increase in dimensional accuracy. This happens usually at a premium cost. Carried out at room temperature, lubricated steel billets are pulled through a die for this. So the workers produce a finished shape of high dimensional accuracy and good physical properties. As well as creating an accurately-sized section, cold forming also imparts a highly polished surface finish and a strength-enhancing. This is due to the alignment of the grain structure. While the round bar and other simple shapes can be drawn fairly readily, more complex shapes usually require multi-pass working to create the final size and shape characteristics.


Machining for close tolerance section

If further accuracy is required, the physical machining of larger material sections may also be needed. Able to produce pieces of very high dimensional accuracy – to as fine as micron tolerances – sectional machining is the choice. Traditionally carried out using slab or end-milling processes, the machining of steel or stainless steel sections is popular in high technology industries. These include aerospace and high performance machines where accuracy trumps cost. For this, a cost saving method is the combination of both technologies. But nonetheless, a cold drawn shape is used for further precision machining.

Sectional machining is becoming enhanced by newer technologies such as ultra-high tolerance CNC machining, laser cutting, and chemical machining.


Cold drawn or machined-a process that meets your needs

Machining will never give the same structural properties that cold drawing can produce. However, parts made by this method usually do not require annealing or further processing before they can be used in many applications. The choice between the two methods becomes a trade-off between the required strength, the accuracy of the section, and the total amount or length of material required. Cold drawn profiles can be quickly made into long profiles, while processing similar profiles is impractical or expensive.


Compared with hot-rolled materials, both of these innovations have considerable advantages, but the final application and processing functions become the driving factors for choosing the right program.


The benefits of stainless steel hot rolled profiles

Stainless steel hot-rolled profiles are advantageous for many reasons. Just like standard hot-rolled shapes (such as hot-rolled channel steel), this method is also the most economical when applicable. Due to the smaller minimum order quantity and lower mold cost, we use the wire method to save customers considerable costs. The only limitation of hot rolling is the size range, because this method is not suitable for larger size profiles, usually at least 3 to 5 tons.


Nowadays, stainless steel hot-rolled profiles have many applications, and new applications are constantly growing. These products are currently used in general construction and construction, machinery, parts and hardware, transportation, water and wastewater, and pharmaceutical industries. Now that you know that we can make customized hot-rolled shapes, let our team help you with your next design.

 Our company also has many products about stainless steel square tube and stainless steel thick plate, welcome to consult!

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