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Changes in the physical properties of stainless steel belts

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Low temperature has a wonderful influence on the physical residential properties of stainless-steel strip and also can affect the range of its use. At present, the variety of stainless steel belts created in my nation is large, with numerous specs. So what type of physical changes do different stainless steel strips have at low temperatures?

1. Thermodynamic buildings

At exceptionally low temperatures, the thermal conductivity of numerous stainless-steel strips does not transform a lot, regarding 1/50. Nonetheless, as the magnetic change (magnetic flux density) raises, the thermal conductivity increases. For that reason, individuals can alter the magnetic change (magnetic flux density), thereby influencing its thermal conductivity, and eventually remain to broaden the extent of its use.

The change of specific heat capacity is very small at low temperature level, and also the range of its modification is huge in a heated environment. The specific heat capacity at 4k can be decreased to less than 1/100 of the specific heat capacity at room temperature, but at exceptionally low temperatures, there will certainly be no huge adjustments, as well as the size of the change is really tiny.

2. Electro-magnetic efficiency

Resistivity is an expression of electromagnetic efficiency. Temperature level has a relatively big influence on electromagnetic performance. In a low temperature setting, the resistivity will drop sharply, but after getting to an extremely low temperature, there will certainly be no significant adjustments.

The adjustment of temperature likewise changes its magnetism. At a reduced temperature level, austenitic stainless steel has various influences on the tons magnetic field by its mass magnetic susceptibility depending upon the product. The material of different alloying components is likewise various.


The amount of carbon has an essential impact on the deterioration resistance of precision stainless-steel belts. If the carbon in the steel belt entirely goes into the solid solution, it will certainly have no evident impact on the deterioration resistance. When the carbon material in the precision stainless-steel belt increases and also exists in the form of carbides, two phases appear in the microstructure of the precision stainless steel belt. Boosted the number of micro-batteries in steel. And due to the high Cr material in the accuracy stainless-steel strip, the affinity of Cr and C is stronger than that of Fe as well as C, as well as it is easy to create Cr carbides, therefore alike decreasing the Cr web content of the matrix, to make sure that the accuracy of the stainless-steel strip the electrode possible decreases, causing intergranular rust. As a result, the carbon material of stainless steel belts is typically reduced. For example, the carbon web content of ferritic stainless-steel belts is not more than 0.1%, and the carbon web content of martensitic precision stainless-steel belts is not greater than 0.4%. The stainless-steel that requires high hardness and also high wear resistance has a carbon content of 0.8%-0.9%, such as (9Cr18). Nevertheless, in order to make sure the deterioration resistance of the stainless-steel strip, when a large number of carbide phases are enhanced in the framework, the web content of Cr need to be boosted accordingly. Only this way can the material of Cr in the matrix not be decreased, and the high electrode capacity can be maintained to avoid rust.

Along with excellent rust resistance, accuracy stainless-steel belts should additionally call for certain mechanical as well as technical residential or commercial properties. As a result, the material of carbon and alloying elements need to have a sensible ratio. This tells us that we need to pay attention to the carbon material in the precision stainless-steel belt when choosing the accurate stainless-steel belt supplier at ordinary times!

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