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Application of stainless-steel belts in the automotive field

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The stainless steel belts on vehicles are primarily used in decorative bright belts, exhaust systems, gaskets as well as seals, wiper appliances as well as various other areas. Yet we are concentrated on providing stainless-steel precision belts for automobiles. Stainless steel belts for vehicle components, stainless steel belts for auto oil dipsticks, and also stainless-steel belts for automobile attractive belts.


What are the application areas of stainless-steel belts in automobile components?

This issue has actually always been the focal point of several customers. As early as 2003, customers were deeply interested in stainless-steel products. What are the reasons that customers are so fascinated by stainless steel? This needs to start from the consumer concept of the public. Every customer's understanding of stainless-steel beltsis that they are not rustic, attractive in appearance, and premium, adhered to by a strong rate of interest in the resilience of stainless steel items. With the improvement of the quality of life in more than one decade, individuals have sincere love for stainless steel look products. Everyone recognizes that stainless-steel products are used generally car insides, exterior nameplates, exhaust pipes, integrated frameworks, and so on. With individuals' understanding of the toughness of stainless steel, the current automobile parts, such as electric motors, cylinders, control panel, etc., all utilize stainless-steel components. These are inadequate. In fact, there are too many areas where stainless steel materials are used in automobile engines as well as inner structural devices. The cars and trucks that we see in daily usage normally come from 316 stainless steel belts and also 304 stainless steel belts. The 316 quality is mainly mirrored in the cars and truck framework. Why is it made use of for the chassis? It is because 316 grade is corrosion-resistant, has solid acid as well as alkali resistance, is difficult to rust, and can stand up to the basic extreme atmosphere. So 304 grades are mainly application and also look parts, in addition to built-in devices. 304 has far better fatigue resistance.


The cars and truck exhaust pipe lie at the backside of the vehicle, and the working environment goes to heat. It has high needs for heat resistance, influence resistance, and also corrosion resistance. These components are made from steel plates using press handling, so base materials are needed The steel plate has stress formability. On the other hand, the ambient temperature level of use is also increasing year by year, as well as it is required to boost the quantity of alloying aspects such as Cr, Mo, and also Nb to boost high-temperature stamina, oxidation resistance, and also thermal tiredness buildings. When the added aspects increase, the simple manufacturing technique will certainly minimize the workability of the base product steel plate, so it is commonly difficult to carry out pressure creating. Indexes of workability include ductility and also deep drawability, and so on. Nevertheless, in the handling of exhaust pipes, elongation and also r-value, which are basic indexes, are very important.

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