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Analysis of the whole process of production and manufacture of special shaped tube

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 Special designed tube is a sort of smooth steel pipe, that is, it is identified according to different production procedures, which is various from warm rolled (broadened) pipeline. In the whole procedure of capillary product or resources pipeline diameter expansion, it is processed according to multi-pass cold illustration production, which is normally carried out on a 0.5-100T polypeptide chain or double chain cold drawing device.


Analysis of the whole process of production as well as production of unique designed tubes:

The raw product of the unique designed tube is the seamless steel pipeline space. The pipe material is produced as well as refined by the automatic cutting machine to expand the space of about one meter, and then the temperature has to do with 1200 ℃ in the melting furnace (it need to be kept in mind that the heating system Temperature level control is a much more essential issue). After the news of the round pipe product, it has to undergo the working stress reducing equipment to create the hole. Generally, the reducing device is a tapered roller reducing machine. This kind of cutting maker is created with high effectiveness. Regardless of the product top quality, the busted hole has a large diameter development, and also it can put on a variety of steel qualities. After the hole is broken, the round tube material is sequentially created by three-roll cross rolling, rolling mill or extrusion. According to the high-speed procedure of the cone spin drill, the die maker enters the slab to open up the hole and generates the smooth steel pipeline.


Under typical conditions, seamless pipes will go through huge deformation at a temperature level of 450 to 650 ℃, which will trigger the steel beam of lights as well as steel columns to flex as well as lose the bearing capacity. If the fire safety and also temperature level decrease defense procedures are not utilized, the smooth the fire resistance ranking of the tube is 15 mins, so it is usually needed to do a good job of fire security as well as temperature level decrease steps. Listed below, the seamless tube maker has actually presented several techniques to everyone in detail.


There are three fire security cooling methods for special shaped tubes:

1. Water shot: The inner water flushing of the hollow seamless pipeline is a reasonable countermeasure for fire safety and security as well as temperature decrease. The water can flow as well as absorbed in the seamless pipe cars and trucks to take in warm, and cold water can be introduced from the pipe to maintain the seamless steel pipe in a relatively high temperature. Reduced temperature.

2. External insulation layer: add an external insulation layer to the seamless pipeline, which can be sprayed or poured into a form, so as to protect against fire safety and security as well as lower temperature.

3. Securing. It is said that the smooth pipeline is put in the wall or roof covering constructed from refractory insulation product, and also the real impact of fire security according to the refractory insulation product is attained. It is a real financial growth approach.


At present, lots of multi-store buildings utilize smooth pipeline resources. If a fire accident takes place, it will certainly be challenging to remove it in a short period of time. Therefore, in the case of building planning as well as layout, it is required to do an excellent job of fire safety and security and temperature level reduction actions.

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