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Analysis of the reason for the thickness difference of stainless steel belt

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Evaluation of the reasons for the distinction in the density of stainless-steel belts. Throughout the chilly rolling of stainless-steel belt, all factors that affect the moving stress of the rolling tools, the original roll gap, tension and oil movie thickness will have an effect on the real belt thickness difference.


The primary summary is as adheres to A number of aspects.

1.The impact of temperature changes.

The impact of metallurgical spare parts temperature changes on the thickness change of stainless steel belts in rolling equipment is basically the result of temperature distinction on density fluctuations. Temperature level changes are primarily caused by the thickness distinction triggered by the impact of steel contortion resistance and also friction variable.

2.The effect of stress modifications. 

Stress is to transform the resistance to the contortion of the metal of the moving equipment by influencing the state of stress and anxiety, thereby creating the thickness to alter. Modifications in the stress of metallurgical spare parts not just influence the density of the belt head and tail, however likewise affect the thickness of various other components. When the stress is as well large, it will impact the density and also alter the width. For that reason, in the warm tandem rolling process, the continuous small tension of the mini loophole is typically made use of, as well as the cold tandem rolling is rolled in the cool state, as well as the material processing Solidifying makes the deformation resistance wonderful. It is difficult to acquire the required reduction price just by changing the roll void of the moving tools to alter the rolling pressure. For that reason, it is required to utilize bigger inter-stand stress for rolling. Huge stress is the most essential feature of cool rolling production. The duty of metallurgical spare parts stress include: decreasing rolling pressure and lowering rolling power intake; avoiding belt inconsistency; regulating belt shape and belt thickness.


Analysis on the Sources Of Thickness Difference of Cold Rolled Stainless-steel Belt

1.The result of speed adjustments. 

The speed is generally influenced by the rubbing element, contortion resistance, and bearing oil movie thickness to transform the rolling pressure as well as decrease.

2.The impact of roll void modifications. 

When the stainless steel belt is rolled, the roll gap of the rolling devices will certainly change due to the thermal expansion of the rolling mill parts, the wear of the roll void and the eccentricity of the roll, which directly affects the real thickness modification. The routine change of the roll space caused by the eccentricity of the metallurgical spare rolls as well as bearings will trigger high-frequency routine thickness fluctuations when it comes to high-speed rolling. In addition to the above elements, variations in the thickness of the incoming material and mechanical buildings are additionally caused by adjustments in the rolling stress to create changes in the thickness of the stainless steel belt. On top of that, the estimation inconsistency of the metallurgical spare components model setting, the precision of the gauging tool as well as the layout of the control system structure and also control criteria will certainly likewise impact the thickness precision of the belt. Furthermore, customers of tool and also heavy plate rolling mill rolls can likewise utilize devices and technical means to get rid of or lower roll spalling on the basis of studying the operating criteria of rolling items, rolls and also rolling mills under existing conditions. For instance, a 2800nun tool as well as heavy plate rolling mill, making use of the concept of variable get in touch with rolling innovation, individually established the automatic variable call support roll P quantity R technology and also sustaining special work roll PWR modern technology, etc., which removes roll spalling, decreases roll usage, and also boosts products Quality as well as mill performance.

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