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Adjustment of the gap of the cutting knife of the stainless steel shearing equipment

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The modification of the void between the cutting blades of the stainless steel shearing equipment is an extremely integral part of the use of the shearing maker, because the cutting of various materials as well as different thicknesses needs to be gotten used to the corresponding void. If it is not changed, some plates will be cut continuously, as well as some will certainly bend the shear surface, which will certainly affect the result of processing. Below is an intro to the adjustment of the void between the reducing blades of the stainless steel shearing equipment.

1. Cutter void change

To adjust the cutter void, you need to rotate the change ring on the front of the device. The series of shearing thickness is marked on the space indication plate on the modification plate. The M.S. etched line represents normal medium carbon steel, as well as the S.S. engraved line represents stainless-steel. You can use the paddle to revolve the changing ring to get the proper blade clearance.

2. Because the top blade has a disposition angle of 0.5 degrees, it can only be identified at the junction of the cutter when checking the space of the cutter. Examine that the cutter gap should be adapted to the optimum, the control selector button should be looked to the INCH setting, the cutting angle should be adjusted to the third gear, the compression cylinder valve ought to be closed, the foot pedal must be activated, and also the left end of the cutter must simply be overlapped., Each 150mm, utilize a feeler scale to gauge the gap in between the top as well as lower knives. The value should resemble the equivalent value in the table. If the harmony of the cutter space is greater than 0.05 mm within the complete size range, you can adjust the gap on the movable beam of light. Change the screw to adjust the top knife or pad a slim copper sheet on the side of the reduced blade. When the mechanical homes of the shearing material utilized differ greatly from the technical demands, it is allowed to appropriately boost or decrease the cutter gap worth. When cutting materials with the largest density and full size, make use of a bigger void to acquire a better shearing impact.

3. When the cutter is passed on or re-grinded, the optimum and minimum space worth of the cutter needs to be re-adjusted.

4. Typically, the width of the reduced sheet should not be less than 20 times the density of the plate. When the cut size is less than 20 times the thickness of the steel plate, the change in the shear tension of the cut sheet may cause the reducing plate is flawed and stuck in between the back scale as well as the reduced knife. At this time, the back scale ought to be moved backward to make sure that the cut sheet product drops.

5. Reducing angle change

According to the efficiency of the equipment, the shear angle is split into 3 angles. The modification of the angle is developed for electro-hydraulic control, which can be conveniently managed by the tilt angle selector switch. When raising the angle, flip the switch as well as the ideal oil cylindrical tube directly increases. When decreasing the angle, after turning the button, you require to step on the pedal two times to accomplish the needed shear angle.

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